Cheat #4: Eating in vs. Dining Out

Being able to spend more money on healthy grocieries comes down to good budgeting and planning. When I started my path to eating healthy on a budget, I began by assessing where my money was going to. I found, that I was eating out more often then when I was living at home. Going out to eat with friends everyday becomes more common when you go to college. It also happens more often when you are low on time and choose fast food as a quick fix. Although dining out may seem like a quick fix or cheaper alternative, eating in and making your own meals can save a lot of money! I created this great guide to show you how eating in has more benefits for your wallet and health, as opposed to eating out!


Now that you have unlocked cheat #4, comment down below or tweet me some recipes that can be made when trying to avoid eating out!



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