Cheat #5: Why Pay Extra For Water?


Image by Steven Depolo via Flickr

College students are large consumers of bottled water1, which at the end of the day can become another expense in your monthly spending. Typically, most dorm living students buy a case of 24-16.9-ounce water bottles for ten dollars. While most commuters may buy one or two bottles to get them through the day. Individual bottles typically cost four dollars per liter (33.8 oz.). These numbers might seem small but let’s put it into perspective. The recommended intake of water is 8 cups (64 oz.) per day, so this is about $8 per day for individual buyers or about $168 per month just in bottled water. For students who buy packs, one pack will help you meet the daily water recommendation for six days. The student who buys packs will spend about $50 per month on bottled water.

As you can see, the student who buys packs will save more money, but there is a cheaper alternative to help you save even more money per month! The cheaper alternative I started to use is a reusable or refillable water bottle. A reusable bottle is a one-time purchase of $10-$20. After purchasing a bottle, you can get free refills from water fountains or bubblers throughout campus. If your skeptical about water fountains or bubblers, now is a great time to buy a new water bottle! Campuses around the country are starting to install these cool, new, and innovative hydration stations that offer cold, filtered water!

hydration statation

Like many students, I used to buy about 8 cases of water per month. I discovered once I invested in a water bottle, my monthly spending decreased!  Along with cost, I was able to achieve my daily water intake because I was constanly refilling the bottle throughout the day. To help get you started on which reusable bottles to choose, I created this guide to some bottles I have tried or seen around campus.

Reusable Water Bottles (1)

Now that you have unlocked cheat #5 tweet or comment which water bottle you use or plan to buy!



  1. Specialty Foods. “College Students Choose Bottled Water as Top Beverage.” Specialty Foods Association Website. Published April 28, 2016



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