Cheat #7: Become a Coupon Icon


Photo by Carol Pyles via Flickr

Clipping coupons in college may sound and look silly, but it actually is a great option for saving money. However, actually clipping the coupons may not be ideal due to time constraints while in college.  Luckily, couponing has become more technologically advanced! Here are some of my favorite was to get coupons for grocery shopping:

  1. Cash-back Deals: If you have a debit or credit card linked to a certain bank check your online account for cash back deals. I personally bank with Bank of America, which allows you to load different monthly “BankAmeriDeals” onto your debit or credit card. When you swipe your card at the sponsored location the bank will give you back a certain percentage back. These deals have come in handy at grocery stores like Whole Foods (which is obviously not the cheapest alternative!) and Stop & Shop. It has also helped me gain some cash back when going out to eat at restaurants.
  2. Print Coupons Online: Websites such as and find deals from popular food brands and load them onto their site. The coupons are available for free. All you have to do is clip it to your basket and then print before shopping.
  3. Apps for Couponing: Apple and Android have apps that make coupons available on your phone. All the shopper has to do is open the app, find the coupon, and scan at checkout. This is great for consumers who tend to forget coupons in the car or at home. Some of my favorite couponing apps are:
    • Ibotta: This app offers coupons and rebates for certain foods each week. To get the rebates you take a picture of your receipt and the app will scan for the foods eligible for rebates.
    • Checkout 51: Like Ibotta this app contains coupons and rebate deals. Once you reach $20 worth of rebates you get a cash-back check in the mail!
    • SnipSnap: This app is great for if you find a paper coupon but forget it at home or in the car. To use the app you take picture of the paper coupon and it saves it to your coupon bin. When you go to make a purchase, the app will zoom in on the barcode within the picture.

Now that you have unlocked cheat #7, comment or tweet me your favorite ways to coupon!



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