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My name is AAliyah Payne and I am the blogger behind this site. I am currently a senior Food and Nutrition student at Framingham State University. I am concentrating in the study of dietetics and hope to become a community dietitian in the future. Before entering college, I was on a journey to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. With some dietary changes and behavior modification I was able to lose 50 pounds, but never realized one major part of my success was my access to healthy foods. My parents were able to provide me with the funds to buy the healthier food, which ultimately helped me lose weight.


When I went away to college I,  like many other college students, was now responsible for buying my own food. During my freshman year, I began to buy unhealthy foods, since I believed they were a cheaper alternative, and fell back into some of my old habits. While working on a food stamp budget project for my “Food, Culture, and Society” class, I realized eating healthy is possible on any type of tight budget! After this project, I started to budget and plan my shopping trips as well as look for dorm-friendly recipes. In addition to budgeting and planning, I also began to incorporate more of the foods that were part of my on-campus dining plan.


For the past four years, I have been able to overcome my struggles with eating on a student budget. I have noticed some of my peers have also faced some of the struggles I used to have.  It can be quite difficult to find and eat healthy foods on a college budget if you do not know where to start. As part of my computer applications class project, I decided to start this blog with the goal of sharing some of my own “cheat codes” to eating healthy while on a student budget. I hope you will come and check back each week for various tips, tricks, and recipes!

Sincerely ,

AAliyah Payne